Add a bedroom here… make the kitchen bigger there, oh I need a double shower in the master… Whatever your wish is, our designs can be changed to reflect your lifestyle.

When designing your new kit home, there are a few things to decide on before you start drawing the first draft. These include:

How many bedrooms you need

– If you are a family of five, then you will be looking for as many bedrooms as possible, and this will shape how big your potential house will need to be.

How many bedrooms do you need - Custom Steel kit homes design qld

Whether an ensuite is needed

– again, if you are a large family, a second bathroom is always a good idea. But if you are a couple or a small family, you may be fine with just one bathroom.

Ensuite is needed - Custom Steel kit homes design qld

Do you need a deck or veranda?

– Do you like to entertain and need a large area where you can have BBQ’s, play family games or just a nice place to sit and relax? Then a deck or veranda is definitely a nice feature to add to your new home design. Veranda’s are also great for places that can be very hot as they keep the sun from shining directly onto your windows.

Kitchen size

– With the availability of more healthy alternatives in takeaway, some families don’t use their kitchen as much as they used to. In this case, a kitchen need not be big or flashy, but merely a place to make your morning coffee. Alternatively, if you are a big baker or love to cook three course dinners for you and your friends and family, the kitchen is going to be a very important part of your home. If this is the case, you may want to look at also upgrading your appliances or even adding a butlers pantry.

Kitchen size - Custom Steel kit homes design qld


Once you know the answers to these few questions, you can now start to design your new home. The easiest way to do this is to look at plans that you like the look of, and then adjust or add rooms/areas to suit your lifestyle.

If you want a personalised plan and want to draw it completely from scratch, generally it is easiest to start with your kitchen/living area where you spend the most time and then go from there. Perhaps you want the morning sun to come in through the kitchen window, or you have views that you would like to be able to see from the dining area or deck. All these things need to be considered when creating your plan.

Having trouble getting started? We are more than happy to sit down with you and design your new home based on your lifestyle.