Q. What is and isn’t included in a kit home?

A. A full inclusions list can be downloaded by entering your details on this page here. In general however, the kit includes all materials required for lockup from the floor up. Items not included are on-site labour, transport and delivery charges, site survey, site clearing, PC items, concrete for footings, Floor System, Electrical and plumbing and plumbing fittings etc.


Q. Can I modify the standard plans or provide my own design ?

A. Yes. All plans can be modified to suit your needs. You can change the number of rooms, increase or decrease the size of the house or if you prefer, you can bring your own plans for us to cost.

Steel Frames

Q. Are steel framed homes noisy?

A. Some lesser quality steel frames can be noisy, especially those which are welded together. Our frames are riveted and bolted together which removes any movement, therefore it sits there more quietly than even a timber framed house.


Q. Where do you deliver?

A. Currently we deliver throughout Queensland and northern New South Wales.

Australian made

Q. Are our Steelbuilt frames made in Australia?

A. Yes, our frames are manufactured by our local supplier in Queensland using Australian Steel.


Q. How does your payment structure work?

A. Our payment structure works as follows:

An initial deposit of $4400 is required to organise plans, a specification and documentation
A progress payment of 50% is due upon placing the order of the kit
Balance of payment is due 7 days before delivery of materials.

Owner Builder

Q. What is the process to become an owner builder?

A. The process to obtain an owner builders permit depends on which state you are building in, and generally will require you to undergo a short course either online or at a training school as well as pay a small application fee. **Please note this is correct at publishing and you should do your own research as well.


Queensland (QLD)

A Queensland owner builder’s permit is required when performing building work on your own property where the work if performed by a qualified builder would amount to more than $11,000. You are only allowed to apply for a permit once every six years. You are required to complete an owner builder’s course run by a BSA recognised course provider and course providers can be found on the BSA website here An application fee for an owner builder’s permit at time of writing is $294.00.

New South Wales (NSW)

A New South Wales owner builder’s permit is required where the total value of the work is more than $12,000. You must complete an owner builder’s course or have approved equivalent experience and pay an owner-builder permit application fee of $135 (correct at time of publication). For a list of approved courses, visit Home warranty insurance is required if the home owner decides to sell their owner built home during the six years after completion.


Q. Do you have builders who can do the job for me?

A. We are builders in our own right and are happy to help you with the construction of your kit – just mention this when you make an enquiry as this will obviously change the cost.