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How to Actually Save Money When Building a Kit Home
How to Actually Save Money When Building a Kit Home

With good planning, kit homes deliver the following cost saving benefits:


Do the work yourself resulting in less labour cost

If you are family and friends have experience in construction, then taking on the labour part of the construction can really cut down on costs. Our kits also come with wall frames already assembled – saving even more time.

Less complicated carpentry means less skilled labour needed

With Steelbuilt Kits you are given an instruction manual and CD on how to put the kit together. All of which gives the simplest instructions so a person with NO CONSTRUCTION experience (or very little) can still follow.

Another option could be to seek help from someone in the industry which could make your task even faster.

Purchase from local suppliers

You have the option to choose the type of inclusions to add to your kit home. This gives you the freedom to buy a locally sourced product such as joinery, lights and appliances at a better price. Thus, you end up saving more while adding to the local economy as well.


Kit homes are one of the best options for anyone looking for a more economical option on how to build a house. However, you need to carefully plan and prepare for this job; as it requires time and dedication. Read our other blogs to learn more about kit homes.

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