Raised Homes (also known as homes on stumps, or homes on stilts), are a popular choice for a variety of reasons. Not only do they look fantastic, they also reduce the need to cut and fill your block, often help capture the views, have better drainage than level blocks, and renovating or extending your home down the track are easy with pipes easily accessible underneath the house.

Raised Homes QLD

Here at TJS, we often recommend to our clients to seriously consider the idea of building a raised home. Why? Well other than the positives already mentioned, we also use adjustable steel stumps that will help keep your home level for years to come.

Raised House QLD

Gone are the days where raised homes were built on large round wooden stumps that were not adjustable, and often ended up needing to be replaced due to termite damage. We now use steel stumps with adjustable tops that can be wound up or down with a shifting spanner when and where needed. The adjustable tops attach to the top of the steel stump; therefore you can make the stumps as short or as high as you need.

Steelbuilt Raised Homes and House in QLD

Any home plan can be modified to suit a raised home concept, and all our plans that you find on the website are suitable.