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5 Reasons Why a Transportable Home is Better than a Traditional Built Home
Transportable homes are gaining popularity in Australia these past decades.

But why?

Learn it in this article.

5 Reasons Why a Transportable Home is Better than a Traditional Built Home

Why choose a transportable home this 2021?

Building your own house can be quite taxing. There’s so much on the plate for future homeowners to deal with such as securing permits, budgeting and time constraints. This was how it had always been before transportable homes came into the picture.

Now, what is this thing called “transportable home”?

Transportable home is a type of property usually made of prefabricated parts which can be assembled off-site. The finished product is transported to the homeowner’s lot by using large transporting trucks. In the same way, the unit can be transported to another location if the homeowner plans to move out.

How then is a transportable home more convenient than a traditionally built house?

Let’s get down to the list, starting with transportable homes being time-efficient.


#1 It will save you time

Time is very crucial in building a property. The longer it takes for a property to be constructed, the more expenses add up. Prolong construction may also cause neighbours’ irritation and we certainly do not want that to happen.

A traditional house is built at an average of 3 months but it can take longer depending on some circumstances like unfavourable weather and availability of resources. Transportable homes, on the other hand, are built offsite and delivered on a specific time frame after purchase. This guarantees that the project will be finished on time with no unnecessary delay.

Since the construction and installation are on a fixed schedule, it follows the second convenience, that transportable homes are more cost-effective.


#2 Transportable home is cost-effective

As mentioned above, sticking to the schedule will prevent additional expenses. This is one reason that a transportable home is cost-effective. Another thing is that the transportable home is less expensive than the total expenses of building a traditional house.

The cheaper price shall not be equated to low quality, as that is not the case. This will be explained further on the next item on this list.


#3 Transportable home is proven sturdy

The nature of a transportable home, which can be moved from one location to another, requires it to be sturdy. Contrary to some speculations, transportable homes can even be sturdier than a traditional home.

Manufacturers of transportable homes see to it that each part, along with bolts and fixings, are strong enough to withstand bad weather and constant relocation. Thus, homeowners are secured of the unit’s durability. More so, transportable homes nowadays come with customized designs.


#4 Transportable home can be customized

Yes, you’ve read that right. During the first years in the market, transportable homes only come in standard design and floor plan. However, due to increasing demands, more designs and layout for transportable homes are available for future homeowners to choose from.

You can take a look at Steelbuilt Homes’s selection of transportable homes here.


#5 It is environmental-friendly

Last on this list is that a transportable home is more environmentally-friendly than constructing a traditional house.

Let’s face it, constructing a property leave so much waste. Some of these wastes possess grave danger to the environment. The traditional way to build a house can even damage the surrounding area, more so when prolonged.

Meanwhile, a transportable home that is assembled in the manufacturer’s grounds will not produce such waste. The unit will be delivered in the location already built and set for installation.



These are just five of the reasons why acquiring a transportable home is way better than constructing a traditional home. In the fast-paced world, we are living at the moment, innovation such as a transportable home is very much convenient

Should you have any more questions on the transportable home? Send us a message today.

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