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7 Transportable Homes to Consider this 2021

As many experts say, transportable homes are the future of Australian homes. It is very convenient, easy to build, cost-efficient, and as its name implies, transportable.

See our top 7 recommendations for transportable homes from our collection to help you decide.

7 Transportable Homes to Consider this 2021


The Gregory is one of our single bed and bath masterpieces, which is perfect for use as a granny flat or a holiday cabin.

gregory - 1 bedroom transportable home plans northern nsw western qld


This home features a wide living room, a kitchen corner, an equally spacious bedroom and a bath. It even has a patio just outside the bedroom where you can place your hammock for a relaxing afternoon stay.



A two-bedroom transportable home, the Diamantina is a real gem. It features not just one, but two patios which help provide shade for the indoors. The interior is complete with a living room, an open kitchen, two bedrooms, and two baths (one is located inside the main bedroom).

diamantina - 2 bedroom transportable home plans northern nsw western qld



Our Moonie is another two-bedroom unit, which is ideal for families who prefer to stay indoors.

moonie - 2 bedroom transportable home plans northern nsw western qld


This transportable home has a living room, a semi-closed kitchen, two bedrooms, a bath and a laundry area. There are two porches, one outside the main door and the other is connected to the laundry area.



The Burdekin is one of our three-bedroom transportable homes which feature a nice and wide verandah. The interior is complete with a living room, a kitchen, a dining area, a bath and water closet, a laundry area and three bedrooms. You’ll also love the wide verandah, which is perfect for your afternoon tea with friends and neighbours.

burdekin - 3 bedroom transportable home plans northern nsw western qld



This transportable home has an L-shape layout with a very spacious interior. This comes complete with a lounge, a family area, a kitchen with separate dining area, a laundry, three bedrooms, two baths, two decks, and a garage.

daintree - 3 bedroom transportable home plans northern nsw western qld



This elegant transportable home has a very wide verandah. The indoor has a family room, a lounge, a kitchen, a dining area, four bedrooms, two baths, a water closet, and a laundry area. There is also a small deck besides the family room, which makes it ideal for a large family or those who have frequent visitors to accommodate.

jardine - 4 bedroom transportable home plans northern nsw western qld



The Maranda will amaze you with its complete facilities and auxiliaries. This L-shape layout features two decks, four bedrooms, a bath, two water closets, a laundry area, a living room, a study room, a media room, and a spacious garage.

Maranda - 4 bedroom transportable home plans northern nsw western qld


About Steelbuilt Homes

Steelbuilt Homes has been paving ways for Australian homeowners towards their new transportable homes for many years. We have made lots of successful projects and earned the trust of many first homeowners in Toowoomba and throughout QLD and Northern NSW.

These are just 7 of the many options for transportable homes we offer here at Steelbuilt Homes. Should you have a specific floor plan in mind? Talk to us today and we will gladly assist you in finding the best transportable home for you and your family.


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