Managing the construction of your house as an owner-builder has several perks to go with it. For one, it minimises the cost since you will not need to hire the service of a contractor if you are an owner-builder.  More so if the house you are planning to build is a Kit type house which doesn’t really require many expert builders to do the work as it comes with a manual. 

Now, if you are considering being an owner-builder for your kit home or transportable house in Queensland, then you might be interested to know how to get an owner-builder’s permit from the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC).

The owner-builder’s permit is a major requirement to be able to build and renovate your own house in Queensland. It allows an owner-builder to build, alter, renovate and extend his own house. Additionally, the owner-builder’s permit authorises the holder to act as a head contractor of the project, which means he can hire other workers to help him with the construction.

However, the permit limits the holder to conduct tasks which require occupational license such as pest control, plumbing and fire protection works. It is not applicable as well in building multiple houses and/or properties which will be utilised for commercial purposes.

So how do you get a permit from QBCC?


The requirements

To be able to secure an owner-builder’s permit from Queensland Building and Construction Commission, the person applying for it must accomplish the owner-builder’s permit application form that can be downloaded from the QBCC official website.

Necessary documents such as an original or certified copy of registration form, a confirmation statement from the Titles Office, proof of completion of owner-builder course, proof of identity and application fee, shall be sent to the QBCC together with the application form.

Note that finishing a short course for owner-builders is one of the requirements to get the permit. There are lots of institutions offering such courses these days, shop around so you get your owner-builder course from a reputable provider to gain sufficient knowledge.


Processing time

The usual processing time for an owner-builder’s permit in Queensland is around 4 weeks. If you find the processing time too long, it will be better to apply early so it would not compromise the schedule of your construction works.


How to calculate the costs

Some of the most important information to be provided on the application form is the costs of the construction project and the labour fees. These two values shall be detailed with transparency in order for the permit to be released. 

If you are uncertain on how you should calculate the two, here’s a tip, starting with the cost of construction:

To calculate the cost of the construction project, you will need to list down and add up everything that requires payment in an actual building contract. This includes but is not limited to construction materials, fees for documents, transportation and delivery fees. 

Recycled materials and those that are given to you for free by someone else shall also be included in the calculation with their supposed value. 

On the other hand, calculating the labour fees isn’t really a problem when you will hire other workers for your building project. However, most of the time, people who would work for an owner-builder are not asking to be paid, they are merely providing help. However, you must still calculate the supposed labour fees for your workers and have the sum included in the cost. 



All though being an owner-builder could mean more responsibility, it is more economical to do the job for your own house. You’ll find out too, that some houses do not actually need a lot of manpower and can be handled by the homeowner themselves, just like the homes in the form of Kit Homes and Transportable Houses. 

Here at Steelbuilt Homes, you can find these houses which are elegant-looking but can be easily built even by beginner owner-builders. We specialised in providing Kit Homes and Transportable houses with many designs and layout to choose from. 

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