Steel Frames are becoming an increasingly popular choice by some builders.  

Whilst the use of steel frames may seem like a “no brainer”. Many builders are sticking to more traditional types of framing material. Steel is our preferred choice due to its many benefits. This includes the following:


Steel has a great formability property, which makes it ideal to be fabricated into framing for home construction. Since our steel frames are pre-fabricated, fewer workers are needed to fit this type of frame, therefore, reducing labour costs.

Easy to install

Steel frames are prefabricated and accurately engineered to fit together, This makes it easier to construct with specially designed fasteners. This also means no need for cutting, hammering, retaining, and bulky planks being put together, thus, only requiring fewer workers to assemble the frame.


Steel frames are flexible and can easily adapt to almost any building design, this is one of the reasons why more builders are turning to steel. It can withstand long spans and curve around forms which is hard to make with traditional wooden frames. Therefore, steel frames can suit any type of structural outputs.

Durable and robust

With steel frames, you can be ensured that your house is being constructed with a robust and durable material. Steel frames don’t age, buckle, distort, divide, or splinter. They can also resist corrosion and heavy weather. 

If you’re building a large house, you don’t need to worry because steel frames can handle large spaces and load. With the steel frame’s capabilities, your house design is infinite and unrestricted. Cool right?

Strong protection

Steel frames are resistant to fire, pests, termites, fungi, mould, and rodents. These can all cause severe damages to a home. Thus, it’s a strong protection against various house structural problems that can occur.  To add more, Steel frames don’t need any chemical treatment like timber, which adds to its cost-effectiveness.

These are just a few of the benefits of using steel frames when choosing to build a house. 

Choosing the right material to use in building your house is important. This will ensure that you and your family can enjoy living in your home worry-free.

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