Cladding can do wonders in your property. More than wrapping the exterior with a presentable layer, it helps with preventing the rain, dust and other pollutants to cause damages to the property. It will not only minimize repairs but will make the house seem more durable, which can attract future buyers. In some instances, cladding can also make the household soundproof.

There are plenty of choices for cladding materials in the market today and each has unique qualities. Therefore, in choosing the right cladding material for your property, there is much to consider aside from the price and looks.

For instance, if you own a kit home or are planning to purchase one in the future, you must choose a cladding material that will suit the property. Kit homes are Steelbuilt Australia’s expertise and here we recommend the best cladding materials for your kit homes and transportable homes.


Aluminium Cladding

Although widely used for commercial buildings, aluminium cladding for residential areas are gaining popularity today. Aluminium is a corrosion-resistant metal that is lightweight but highly durable, making it a good cladding material for kit homes. This cladding material gives the property a modernistic and minimalist look.


Hardwood timber Cladding

One of the oldest and most preferred cladding materials for both houses and buildings, hardwood timber offers durability, resistance to bush fire and even termites. Hardwood timber also possesses a degree of resilience towards seismic movements.

Proper maintenance is required to make hardwood timber cladding lasts. You might need to do constant recoating to preserve the cladding’s qualities.


Vinyl Cladding

A recent addition to the go-to cladding materials in Australia is the vinyl cladding material. It is made with PVC combined with other substances. Thus, it provides a waterproof and non-fading finish to your exterior walls.

Vinyl cladding is also applicable for interior walls. The low cost and low maintenance qualities of the cladding material made it a popular alternative to traditional cladding supplies.


Colorbond Cladding

Steel Cladding is considered as one of the most efficient cladding materials not only in Australia but in the rest of the world. It is lightweight, low maintenance, fireproof and has a longer lifespan than other cladding materials. Stainless steel cladding, in particular, is resistant to flaking and chipping, unlike other metal claddings.

There are coloured steel claddings readily available in the market nowadays. The colours span from more than 20 standard colours and other specialized matte colours which do not rot even when exposed to rain.



Kit homes such as transportable and kit houses have one thing in common, they are made lightweight despite the sturdiness. This quality enables the movement of the property from one location to another.

Choosing a heavy cladding material like bricks for your kit home is not advisable as it will make the property difficult to be transported. Though brick and cement cladding won’t do, a lot of alternatives are now available in the market. As you probably observed from the qualities of the cladding materials we recommend above, they are all lightweight. This made them the ideal claddings for kit homes.

If you have any more questions about cladding materials for transportable and kit homes, send us a message today so we can help.