Many Experts in Architecture, building and construction clam that steel frame homes are the future of Australian building. Here are the top 5 reasons why steel frame homes are considered homes of the future.



When compared to its primary competitor; timber, steel frames are far more durable. Steel is know for it’s longevity and strength making it an ideal framing material for any home. Timber often tends to bend and warp with moisture and weather conditions which can be difficult for use as framing. Whereas, steel frames are manufactured in perfectly straight forms. This quality makes steel frames easier to assemble compared to timber.



One can argue that timber is a low-cost option for a house frame. However, the time and workforce you need to utilize in assembling the timber frames is often more expensive. Unlike a prefabricated and ready-to-use steel frame, timber needs a lot of sawing and forming before it becomes functional.



Timber frame homes are not ideal in areas prone to bushfires, especially in Australia. Steelframes are fire resistant and for locations with very high temperature, using steel frames for home construction is very convenient. This is another great quality of steel frames that makes it appealing to Australian architects.



Termites, moulds and mildew are a house’s archenemies. They slowly destroy the wooden foundation of a house. Before you knew it, it’s already too late. This is why steel frames are a good alternative for house frames. Steel frames ensures your house is safe from threats of termite infestations.



The sustainability properties are biggest advantage of using steel frames for houses rather than timbe. Every industry today is geared towards producing eco-friendly products and alternatives to existing non-sustainable resources. Building and construction are no different. Timber, though natural and renewable resources, takes time to reproduce.

Steel frame, on the other hand, is a recyclable material. The by-product of a construction project that utilises steel frames can be remanufactured. This will help sustain our forests by reducing the need for cutting lumber for building housing frames.



Steel frames are sustainable, eco-friendly, easier to use and make construction phase of a house faster. All these qualities are promising for future Australian homes. So, we say a definite YES, for the claim that steel frame homes are definitely the homes of the future.

Did you know that Steelbuilt Homes have been utilizing steel frames for house building for the past 20 years. We’ve seen the potential of steel frames long ago and we are utilising them in building smart homes for our clients in Australia. Want to know more about steel frame homes?

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