When we talk about hillside homes the first things that come to mind are probably, celebrity homes, luxury, and fine living. The reason behind this stigma is that hillside homes pose exclusivity and extravagance common to the celebrity lifestyle. However, you can have a hillside home even if you aren’t a VIP. Although it did often cost a fortune compared to typical houses, the idea is not entirely impossible. Should you wish to have your home on a hillside, here are some common challenges you’ll want to know beforehand.


Uneven slope

The main challenge of building your house on a sloping block is that the slope where the house will stand is uneven. You’ll be placing your house diagonally, which can be difficult to even think about. Houses on the hillside are constructed on a prepared slope. The builders can use retaining walls and elevated stumps to level the home. Designing around this and gaining access to the site can make the construction more expensive. This is one of the reasons why hillside homes can be costly.


Soil movement

It might not be common knowledge but the soil on the hill is in constant movement. Running water underneath and gravity act upon the soil and cause minor movements we don’t typically recognize. It happens every minute of the day and one such movement can cause soil erosion. Therefore, placing your house on the hillside entails dealing with this limitation and designing a house around it. The way to limit the chance of an accident is to consult a professional hillside home builder to conduct a test on the area.



The threat of bushfire is ever-present in Australia. With the type of climate we have, many areas are prone to sudden bushfire, even the ones near residential areas. When choosing a plot far from bushfire danger zones is important in the lowland, it is more important uphill. Since evacuation can be difficult when you live in a hillside home, ensuring safety from a bushfire is crucial. Know whether the area you want to place your hillside home is near a danger zone. It is also good to keep a fire escape plan even when your home is in a safe zone.


Installing water and power lines

Unlike the lowlands where electrical posts and water system are already established, hillsides do not typically have these amenities. Unless your area is already established for hillside homes, you will have to seek an electrical and water contractor to work out a line for you.


What’s the prize that awaits you?

Say you push through with your dream hillside home despite all the challenges, what’s in store for you after? The answer is the nicest view you can’t find. The breathtaking sceneries are very peaceful and stress-relieving. It is not to mention that living in a secluded area such as an elevated position is relaxing. It is far from the city noises, pollution, and crowd.


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