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Want to build your own home with materials supplied by us? if you have family and friends that are tradies, this may be a cost effective option for you.

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Do you live in a remote area with no available sub-trades? Then this option is for you. We build your home at our factory and transport to your site.

Learn more about Steelbuilt Hillside Homes lockyer valley

Looking for a home design suitable for a sloping block? The beautiful hillside home series is a fantastic starting point to create a design fit for your new home.

Raised Homes

Whether you just love the look and feel of a raised home or your block of land demands it, these adjustable steel stumps are all you’ll need.

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Custom Kit Design


Add a bedroom here… make the kitchen bigger there, oh I need a double shower in the master… Whatever youwish is, these designs can be changeto reflect your lifestyle.